Living Room Tour

Happy Friday! I am definitely glad that the weekend is here!

Since I’m pretty new to blogging, I thought I’d keep sharing some stuff about me and one thing that I really love to do is visit other people’s houses for the first time. I always get ideas on decor/furniture arrangement/artwork, etc- and, it usually gives me at least a little more insight into my friends. So, I thought I’d share our living room here. It’s a constantly evolving, changing space (one of my husband’s favorite things to do is rearrange furniture) but usually, the layout just gets better and the room ends up working better for us with each iteration. Here it is in it’s current stage:

Before we moved in, 3 of the walls were a taupe color and the wall on the right hand side of this picture was a deep, dark red. We debated and debated over paint color choices and I tested at least half a dozen different oranges before we settled on the two you see here. The fireplace wall is the only one different from the rest of the room and is just a shade or two darker than the rest of the walls. We love having a fireplace and use it often in the winter… I’d love to be able to change up the front of it a little but we rent so wall colors are the most I’ll be able to change the house.

The oak desk was given to us when Zach’s parents moved last summer and it’s the perfect size for our computer (which we also use as a TV) and that corner of the room. Zach built the stool which he writes about here. He is also responsible for the mason jar light fixture which he made and installed when the previous light fixture’s bulbs were burning out and we couldn’t find replacements for them. I like this one a lot better!

Here it is up close:

The papasan chair is mine from high school but the cushions were a gift from my in-laws which they found to match our space. The teal, vintage suitcase floats around the living room a lot- acting as an end table- ever since Zach found it at an auction. When he bought it, it was locked and we spent several months wondering what was inside and trying all of the combinations before he finally used some tools to bust it open. There was nothing exciting to be found. 🙂

All of the artwork you see in the picture is also significant to us. The watercolor over the mantle was a wedding gift from some dear friends of mine and is a scene from the Indiana Dunes where both of my parents grew up and I spent a lot of time while growing up as well. The print on the right, over the computer, is an original abstract piece made by my aunt- also a wedding gift.

The stained glass window is one of my favorite possessions. One of my best friends from architecture school, Ericka, is a very talented stained glass artist. She helped us to make the window (which Zach designed) to be the backdrop for our outdoor wedding and now, every sunny afternoon, it fills our living room with beautifully colored light.

Turning around 180* is this view:

Our couch was a free gift from a friend and the quilt was made by me. 🙂 Hiding directly behind the couch are Zach’s guitar amps and hand drums… all in his music corner.

The centerpiece of the music corner is our piano- which was also free off of Craigslist. It’s not the very best piano in the world but, it was free so we love it! The quilted wall hanging was another wedding gift from one of my mom’s friends and the white blocks have Psalms printed on them. The barrister bookcase is about to explode from all the books we have crammed in there… and that’s just the start of our ever expanding book collection. We love to read and it’s our dream to one day have an entire wall of built in shelving- completely filled with books. (Think, Beauty and the Beast style library… 🙂

Here are more of those books… in a much smaller built in case. In front of it, stands a side table hutch which is currently serving as our paperwork/mail/command station.

And last, but not least, Zach’s favorite part of our living room:

Zach loves to play music and having all of his instruments within easy reach and ready to play at a moment’s notice is probably his favorite part of our house.  He built the bass on the far right and is now slowing trying to replace each of these instruments with one that he’s built.

Thanks for taking my mini-tour! We’ll see how long this set up lasts before we change something again!



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2 Comments on “Living Room Tour”

  1. Lisa
    February 4, 2012 at 7:29 pm #

    That was so fun! I’m loving your blog! 🙂

  2. Rhonda Fisher
    February 8, 2012 at 5:52 am #

    I enjoyed your tour. Was really surprised when I saw the oak desk. I have one just like it….I attached a pull out shelf underneath for my keyboard.

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