DIY Party Decor

Happy Mardi Gras! Today is a definitely a big day of celebration for many people in the south- especially in New Orleans. Zach and I will not be having a party tonight (just lasagna for dinner), but in honor of Fat Tuesday, I thought that I’d share the party decorations that I made and used for my sister-in-law’s birthday a few weeks ago.

I was inspired by this picture on Pinterest:

And so I created this for to celebrate her 20th:

To make this, I went through my picture files and chose ones that I thought she would like. (I use Picasa for storing and organizing my photos and it has a function that recognizes faces so it was pretty easy to find a bunch of good ones of her!) Then, I turned them all sepia toned (to go with the craft paper banner/orange and brown living room) and printed them on my home printer. Most of them are 4×6 but some are wallet sized to help fill in the shape of the numbers better.

Then, I just used little rolls of masking tape on the back of each photo to adhere them to the wall and started right next to the outlet (which drives me a little crazy- being right there in the middle!) and worked my way out. I did step back numerous times to make sure that my numbers were about the same size and would rearrange photos as needed. All in all, it took maybe 2 hours to select, print, cut out, and tape up the pictures. *Bonus* After the party, the birthday girl wanted to keep the pictures so she and her sisters took them all down for me- in about 5 minutes! So, I got help taking down the decorations and she got a bunch of fun pictures to take home. 🙂

To make the birthday banner, I grabbed some brown paper lunch sacks, cardstock and scrapbooking paper scraps, a sharpie, ink pad, paper cutter and some ribbon.

To make each pennant on the banner, I first cut off the bottom of the sack:

Then, I cut the top corners off to give it a gift tag shape:

Then I simply layered ribbons, patterned paper and cardstock on each “tag”. I used a sharpie to write one letter on each cream rectangle to spell “Happy Birthday”, and then used wooden clothespins to hang each tag from some twine on the mantle. It was free, easy to assemble and take down, and I can – use it again! (It’s really easy to store when you can take the pennants off the string- no tangling!)

This was the first time I’d ever decorated for a birthday before- usually I just “decorate” at Christmas. It was really fun- it added to the festive atmosphere of her party and it didn’t cost me anything extra and only took a few hours to put together. I think I’ll definitely use this idea again.

I hope this inspires you to find something to celebrate today!


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One Comment on “DIY Party Decor”

  1. February 22, 2012 at 1:55 am #

    Sweet idea with the pictures

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