Plush Tea Set {Anthro Inspired DIY Part 2}

Yesterday, I showed you how to make the coffee mugs and saucers for this plush tea set: (Find Part 1 here!)

So today, let’s make the Teapot!

Step 1: First we’re going to cut out all of the pattern pieces. (You can download the PDF pattern here)

*For the Main Body of the teapot: Take pattern piece H and cut out 6 from your interfacing. Iron them to the wrong side of your main fabric and then cut out the fabric.

*For the Handle: Take pattern piece I and cut out 2 from your interfacing. Iron them to the wrong side of your main fabric and then cut out the fabric.

*For the spout: Take pattern piece B and cut out 2 from your interfacing. Iron them to the wrong side of your main fabric and then cut out the fabric.

*For the base of your teapot: Take pattern piece D and use it to cut a full circle (don’t remove the notch) and then cut 1 from  your interfacing. Iron it to the wrong side of your main fabric and then cut out the fabric. (You’ll have a nice big circle)

*For the outside of the lid: Take pattern piece J and cut 6 triangles from your interfacing. Iron them to the wrong side of your main fabric and then cut out the fabric.

*For the top of the lid: Cut 2 of pattern piece G from the interfacing- iron to fabric and cut out.

*For the base of the lid: Cut 1 of pattern piece D, 1 of pattern piece E and a rectangle that measures 2″ wide by 12″ long.

*For the partial teapot lining: Cut 6 of pattern piece F from your lining fabric.

I know that looks like a lot of pieces, but it still goes together pretty quickly.

Step 2: Take the 2 handle pieces and sew them right sides together with a 1/4″ seam allowance along the curved edges. Then clip the curves.

Step 3: Turn the handle right side out and stuff, leaving about 1/2″ empty of stuffing at each end.

Step 4: Sew and stuff the spout of the teapot in a similar way except you will sew the short end closed and leave the long straight edge open. Make sure to clip the corners and curves before turning it right side out. Stuff- leaving about 1/2″ empty near the opening.

Step 5: Start assembling the teapot! Sew your side panels together in sets of 3 (1/2 of the teapot at a time) with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Step 6: Take one half of your teapot and line up the handle about half way up the side and pin it in place with the open end aligned with the edge.

Step 7: Repeat with the spout on the opposite side of the same half, making sure that the top of the spout is pointing up (towards the narrow end).

Step 8: Take the other half of the teapot, and with right sides together, align the raw curved edges. (The spout and handle should both be between the 2 halves. Sew the 2 halves together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Clip all the curves.

Step 9: This part is a little tricky but I’ll do my best to explain it well. Take your big base circle (made from piece D) and center it over the opening in the bottom of the teapot. (There will be fabric hanging over the edge) Pin each of the 6 corners of the teapot to the big circle and then sew each edge down with as close to a 1/4″ seam allowance as you can.

Then you can trim the extra fabric from around the base. And then, turn the teapot right side out!

Step 10: Fill the teapot with stuffing til an inch or 2 below the top. Make it as firm or squishy as you like- mine is pretty firm.

Step 11: Now it’s time to line part of the teapot and enclose the stuffing. Take the 6 lining pieces (F) and sew them all together with 1/4″ seam allowances. Align the tops of the lining with the top of the teapot, right sides together and pin.

Step 12: Sew around the top edge of the teapot with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Then flip the lining up- but not all the way into the pot.  Then trace the hexagon formed by the lining onto your lining fabric. It doesn’t need to be perfect- just large enough to be able to sew all the way around the edge. Place the large hexagon with right sides together to the lining pieces, turn the raw edges under of both pieces and pin.

Step 13: Sew very close to the edge- all the way around  and then press the lining down into the teapot. Now you’re done with the teapot- onto the lid!

Step 14: Take the 6 lid triangle pieces and sew them together in sets of 3 (with the points all at the top).

Step 15: Sew the two lid topper pieces (piece G) together with right sides together. Clip the curves, turn right side out and stuff.

Step 16: Align the open edge of the topper with the center top of a lid half. Then line up the two halves of the lid and sew them together with a 1/4″ seam allowance and then turn right side out.

Step 17: Take the 2″ wide rectangle that you cut out earlier and press it in half lengthwise- with right sides out. Then, un-fold it and sew the two short ends together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Refold it in half.

Step 18: Now, sew this loop to pattern piece E- aligning raw edges. Like this:

Step 19: Sew the short ends of piece D together into a circle and then sew it to the outside of the rimmed circle that you just made.

Step 20: Almost there! Place your lid base right side up in front of you:

Step 21: Take the top of your lid and press it down with right sides together on top of the base. Like this:

Step 22: Then sew down 5 of the 6 sides.

Step 23: Trim the excess off the 5 sewn sides and then turn the lid right side out. Stuff and then turn the opening edges in and slip stitch the opening closed.

Put the lid on your teapot and you’re done!

Now enjoy your finished tea set!

Now, I just have to wait for a kid to play with these! In the meantime, I’d love to see pictures if you decide to make one! 🙂



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