Fabric Flower Bouquet (Pt. 2)

Photo by Jasmine Nicole Photography

Alright, it’s time to continue on with the fabric flower bouquet that I introduced last week. If you missed part one, click here. Today, I’ll show you how to make the half sphere, pom flowers that make up most of the bouquet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Hot Glue Gun

*Fabric Shears/sharp scissors

*Solid Cotton Fabric (If you don’t want your fabric to fray on the edges, try a jersey knit or a Fray-stopping spray)


*Circle pattern- mine is 3″ in diameter but you can adjust as necessary to get the size flower you want.

Step 1: Trace and cut out one circle from your felt. Then trace and cut out 12 circles from your cotton.

Step 2: In order to form your petals, you will take one circle of cotton and fold it in half. Then, you will fold it into thirds and glue it into that shape.

Step 3: Repeat with all 12 circles of fabric to form your petals.

Step 4: Now, you will glue your petals onto the felt circle base. Start by applying a generous line of glue to one of the narrow sides of your folded petal and press it down onto the felt with the point at the center.

Step 5: For the second petal, apply glue to the opposite side of the petal and glue it onto the circle. Continue to alternate which side of the petal you glue down as you work around the circle. You’re going to glue 8 of the petals down as the first layer so place/space them accordingly.

Step 6: Now, you’re going to glue the remaining 4 petals into the center of the flower to complete the dome shape. Be generous with your glue- you don’t want any to fall out!

Step 7: After all of your petals are glued down, check underneath to make sure everything is secure. Add a little more glue between the felt and petals if needed. Then, trim 1/4″-1/2″ off the felt circle on the bottom so that none of it will show from the top or sides.

Step 8: Add your stem the same way you did for the folded rosettes in Part 1 of this tutorial. Then repeat with as many flowers as you want to make!

**Note- These flowers will fray around the edges but I think it just adds to their character. You can help prevent fraying by using a Fray check spray or jersey fabric (t-shirt material). A jersey flower will not be as stiff however.**

Have fun making pom flowers. Just one more kind and then we can put the bouquet together!

See you soon,



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