Craft Show Re-cap and a few tips

Happy Monday, everyone.  I hope your week is off to a good start. I feel like I can finally slow down and take a deep breath since I’m now past the craft show I participated in this past weekend.

This was my booth for the show. I was really thankful for the giant windows in the room which gave great natural light to all of my products. Great lighting makes a big difference! Here’s a few close-ups of the set up in case you happen to be looking for ideas for your own craft show!

I don’t have a ton of experience selling at craft shows but I’m happy to share anything I’ve learned so far.

1. Use height in your display. It makes it easier to see from across the room and definitely lets you fit more on your table. My mom brought her purse tree that we hung our bags on next to the table. It shows them off nicely and allows customers to interact with them easily.

2. Speaking of my mom, bring someone to help you! It makes the slow times more fun, helps you keep up when your booth is slammed, and gives you a chance to eat and take a bathroom break.

3. If your products can be worn, make sure you supply a mirror so your customers can try things on and see how good they look on them! It’s also a good idea to model what you make if appropriate- I always wear a headband and a necklace while selling… it seems to encourage my customers to try them on too.

4. Make your products easy to interact with. I sell headbands with interchangeable rosettes so I built a display out of foam core board to show off the flowers and allow my customers to easily try different ones on.

5. Whenever possible, use your display materials to transport your items to and from the show… like the wooden crates that I use as shelving on the table or the baskets holding the bouquet headbands and the camera strap covers.

6. Make sure you have lots of business cards available for people to take. And every time someone makes a purchase, include a card or two in their package so that they can make future purchases if that want!

7. When someone does make a purchase, it’s a good idea to package their items nicely. I don’t do anything special… just wrap it in tissue paper, put it in a paper lunch sack and tie it closed with a business card and curly ribbon. Everyone always appreciates that their package looks pretty, and it’s good PR as they carry it around the rest of the show.

8. Wear an apron for your money. no more worrying about where your cash box is and getting change is super easy!

9. Make sure your items are very clearly priced and labeled as handmade. If you happen to be selling at a show where there are a lot of vendors selling resale items, you’ll get asked, “Did you make this?!” If it’s clear that you did indeed make it by yourself- it sets you apart!

10. And my last tip- learned this last weekend, is to look carefully at the rules for the show in which you be participating. I was unpleasantly surprised by how many people weren’t selling handmade items on Saturday. Shows that strictly enforce that each seller only sell handmade items are worth looking for… otherwise, you might end up competing with vendors who can sell their stuff cheaper (even though their stuff isn’t as nice as your unique, handmade items!).

I hope these tips are helpful for someone! If you have experience or advice, share it in the comments below. 🙂





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